The Resilience Advantage™ for Law Enforcement and First Responders

The Resilience Advantage™
Law Enforcement and First Responders

Each day, the challenges of being a police officer or first responder can take a serious toll on health, well-being, and performance. Research suggests that police work is among the most stressful occupations globally, and officers typically suffer various physiological, psychological, and behavioral effects and symptoms. Officers operating under severe or chronic stress are likely to be at greater risk of error, accidents, and overreactions that can compromise their performance, jeopardize public safety, and pose significant liability costs to the organization.

At the psychological level, the stress of law enforcement and first responders line of work may result in chronic negative emotions such as anger, anxiety, or depression, which can eventually lead to psychological burnout and emotional exhaustion. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is also a severe consequence of exposure to extremely stressful incidents of violence or major disaster among law enforcement agencies. The depleting physiological and psychological effects of stress may also cause work performance to deteriorate, leading to reduced efficiency and motivation in performing job duties, poor morale, excessive absenteeism, and premature retirement. 

Practical resilience building and stress management techniques are needed to help law enforcement and first responders remain more balanced during and after the acute stressors of their jobs and better manage and seek real solutions to the chronic stressors related to organizational and family issues.

We’re committed to helping individuals from all walks of life build and sustain this capacity. Through the Resilience Advantage™ training, law enforcement and first responders learn a set of skills that enable them to “Take Charge” and self-regulate their mental, emotional, and physical systems.

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The Importance of Resilience

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