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Alena Edmondson is the co-founder of the Entrepreneur Development Network (EDN) Global , an award-winning entrepreneurship training firm, where she helps entrepreneurs plan, launch, run, and grow their own businesses. Since 1998, she has conducted thousands of courses and trained hundreds of business owners on developing operational and supply chain capacity plans to achieve growth.

Alena is also a certified life coach who combines the rigor of successful business with the study of thoughtful intent to help people co-create their best life. Through innovative Life-Work Balance and other tools, she helps her clients tap into the available and abundant universe to improve their life experiences on a daily basis. Her first client: her husband who says that Alena saved his life during the dark times some 15 years ago; what she did was help him rediscover who he really was.

Alena is the author of the new book, “Who Are You…Really?” (2013) which takes readers on a practical journey of self-discovery and ownership of their thoughts, actions and outcomes. She is a frequent speaker and media contributor across the globe. She is a member of the International Coach Federation.
Alena is happily married to Jerome Edmondson, her business partner. She is mother to three children and four grandchildren. She attributes her accomplishments, with gratitude, to her ever-supportive mother, Gladys Johnson.

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